The Human Social Systems Intelligence Lab (HUSSIL) is a research group directed by Prof. Congyu “Peter” Wu in the Department of Systems Science and Industrial Engineering at Binghamton University. We measure and model human social behavior using ubiquitous technology and data science to improve personalized healthcare and community wellbeing. Our interests span:

  • Social context: the place, time, duration, distance, involved parties, and accompanying activities of one’s day-to-day social exposure.
  • Social signals: the kinesiological and physiological cues expressed by participants in dyadic and group interactions especially in professional settings.
  • Social informatics: population-level behavioral patterns manifested in open-source or crowdsourced indicators such as social media and digital journalism.

Read our blog, check out our projects and publications, and don’t hesitate to get in touch at congyu dot wu at binghamton dot edu if anything piques your interest! We always welcome students (funded positions available) and collaborators to work with us.